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I have been a brand ambassador for Snugpak for almost 2 years now and wanted to write a little about it as you may have seen the tags and their gear in some of my photos on Instagram. What drew me towards this company initially was the fact it is a British company based in Yorkshire not too far from where I live, I believe in supporting local businesses wherever possible and especially a company that provides products for the outdoors where I try to spend as much of my free time as possible.

dan shepley torrent jacket

The gear they have sent me is amazing and is up to any challenge, whether it be keeping warm and dry on a snowy mountain top or camping in any condition, it really is built for the task. Many of the products are built for military and tactical purposes so you can imagine the kind of performance and durability you get.

dan shepley

Their motto is ‘With You For The Journey’ and that’s exactly how I feel about their products especially the rucksacks. I have one that I am particularly fond of (Sleeka35 if you’re wondering) and take it everywhere whether it’s out climbing, hiking or camping and it is built to last! Quite sure I will never need another…unless they bring out a new version of it.

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About the Author:
Snugpak® is a true, pioneering British company, starting out as an original cottage industry in the 1970s, and developing into a worldwide brand. Based for over thirty years in the Yorkshire countryside, Snugpak’s success has endured through passing skills down through generations, while taking on the best that technology has to offer.

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