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My name is Cam Stewart, I am an EMT, shooting instructor, competitive shooter, horse trainer, and outdoor enthusiast. I was lucky enough to be part of the last generation of “be home when the street lights come on”, and have had a passion for the outdoors for as long as I can remember.

I always had an interest in backpacking, horseback riding, and firearms, but the equipment can get expensive and anyone familiar with these activities knows that quality gear is not just a purchase, but an investment. My family was never wealthy by any means, so I quickly learned that the only way I could enjoy these expensive hobbies (soon to be lifestyles) I longed for was to work hard and reach a level where they would support themselves.

That “where there’s a will, there’s a way” mindset is what got me to where I am today, and what will help me to continue accomplishing goals throughout my life. It’s what got me from learning how to saddle a horse to training my own wild mustang and helping other riders with their horses within a year’s time and it’s what got me from cashiering at a gun store to becoming a top firearms salesperson, an accomplished competitive shooter, and a shooting instructor in 4 short years. While these endeavors are very prominent in my life, they both stem from my deep rooted love for the outdoors and thirst for adventure.

Moving around throughout my youth gave me a taste of the wide variety of terrain that this country has to offer, but it left me hungry for more. I became determined to see and experience as much of this world as possible. While others my age were settling down and having their first kid, I was driving 5000 miles across the country to camp on a remote cliff of the Appalachian Mountains, fighting off ticks in the muggy woodlands of Missouri, or sleeping under the stars on a dusty ridge in Nevada.

It is in this passion for the wilds of the world and drive to overcome obstacles that I know I have found kindred spirits with the team at Snugpak, and I am greatly looking forward to our partnership. To call the integrity, innovation, and attention to detail that they put into each and every one of their products “impressive” would be an understatement. Their quality is unmatched and I know that their gear will be accompanying me on outings for many years to come.

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About the Author:
Snugpak® is a true, pioneering British company, starting out as an original cottage industry in the 1970s, and developing into a worldwide brand. Based for over thirty years in the Yorkshire countryside, Snugpak’s success has endured through passing skills down through generations, while taking on the best that technology has to offer.

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